UN & DOT HazMat Package Testing

Liquids, Solids, Aerosols, and Articles. APTL Identification code and +BR

Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories is a DOT/UN recognized and certified third-party testing agency. View Certification

Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories team of engineers and technicians are your most-trusted advisors when it comes to UN and DOT requirements. They work directly with you through the entire testing process in obtaining U.S. DOT certification for shipping packages containing dangerous goods to consulting you when it comes to intricate details and requirements of these regulations. Every step of the way they are there to guide you.

Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories has a depth of knowledge and expertise in all nine classifications of “Dangerous Goods” containers or packages:

Class 1 – Explosives
Class 2 – Aerosols and fine explosives (gas)
Class 3 – Flammable liquids
Class 4 – Flammable solids
Class 5 – Oxidizing substances and organic peroxide
Class 6 – Toxic and poisonous materials
Class 7 – Radioactive material
Class 8 – Corrosive substances
Class 9 – Miscellaneous dangerous substances


  • 28 day stack test
  • Drop testing
  • Static or dynamic compression
  • Repetitive shock
  • Vibration testing
  • Compatibility
  • Aging
  • Cobb
  • Package integrity testing
  • Package strength testing
  • Hydrostatic pressure test / internal pressure test
  • IBC testing
  • Vacuum leak testing
  • Leakproof stress tests

Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials Services

  • A highly responsive testing service with timely turnaround to meet your needs
  • Expert assistance interpreting complicated regulatory requirements
  • Certificate revalidation testing to meet new requirement of certifying bodies.

Drop Test – Can your container and contents withstand sudden shock resulting from a free fall?

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UN & DOT Hazmat Package Testing


Test Setup on Drop Tester


Overview of Package Preparation (Filling/Sealing/Assembling) and Cold Temperature Conditioning Chambers with Drop Tester


Cobb Test


Multiple Bottle Filling Stations for Water or Antifreeze Test Materials


Fixed 1 inch displacement Vertical Vibration Machine


Compression Machine — Simulate Warehouse and Truck Stacking Environment

Package Testing - Drop Test

Drop Test

Random Vibration Test Closeup

Vibration Test Closeup

UN-DOT HazMat Package Preparation, Conditioning and Drop Testing

Package Preparation, Conditioning and Drop Testing

A forklift performing a drop test of materials.

Drop Test

Animated image of a box drop test.

Drop Test of an 11G Fiberboard Container

Animated image of a bag drop test.

Bag Drop Test

Animated image of a flexible bag drop test.

Flexible Bag Drop Test

Animated image of a flexible bag drop test.

Flexible Bag Drop Test 3000lbs

Animated image of a hydrostaic pressure test.

Hydrostaic Pressure Test


Meet the UN & DOT Hazmat Team


Rafael Cameron

UN/DOT Manager


Charles Hernandez

UN/DOT Lab Technician

Kim Grumbos

Kim Grumbos

UN/DOT Project Leader

Alberto Seguar, UN/DOT Lab Technician

Alberto Seguar

UN/DOT Lab Technician



Dzintars Petersons

UN/DOT Advisor