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Need package, material or product testing? The professionals at Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories keeps their finger on the pulse of your project. They monitor every phase so it never skips a beat.

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Package Testing Solutions

ISTA / ASTM Package Testing

I have a package that requires testing to certify it can withstand shipping and distribution conditions and meet ISTA and ASTM guidelines.

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Materials Testing

I have a container or inner packaging that requires testing of the materials from which it is made.

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Environmental Testing

I have a package, material or product that requires testing to safeguard against a variety of environmental conditions.

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UN/DOT HazMat Package Testing

I have a package that requires testing to ensure the hazardous materials it contains are shipped safely.

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What's happening at Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories

Congratulations Kim Grumbos and Rafael Cameron

Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories (APTL), is excited to announce the promotion of two of key employees in the UN/DOT department, Kim Grumbos and Rafael Cameron.

Kim Grumbos

Kim Grumbos

Kim Grumbos was promoted to UN/DOT Project Lead.  Kim started her career with APTL 3 years ago in the role of Office Manager.  It is Kim’s attention to detail, adaptability and overall understanding of the customer’s needs that will make her a success in her new position.

Rafael Cameron


Rafael Cameron was promoted to UN/DOT Manager.   Rafael started his career with APTL 10 years ago in the role of UN/DOT Project Technician.  It is Rafael’s ability to assess a customer’s testing needs and deliver a test that meets UN/DOT standards that make him an ideal professional for the role of UN/DOT Manager.

“The management team understands personal and professional development is critical to the health of the organization, “ says Mark Hughes, Laboratory Director.  Mark adds, “At APTL, career growth is a top priority, we strive to help our employees achieve their goals.”


Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories Receives UN Third Party Accreditation

Mt Prospect, IL, January, 2016 — Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories (APTL), an industry leader in package and material testing solutions for the packaging industry, announced they recently received a 5-year re-approval as a designated UN third Party Certification Agency from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).

Achieving this designation certifies that APTL has met all the requirements to be a UN third party approval agency to test and certify packaging in accordance with the UN/DOT performance requirements.

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